Mac Miller – Swimming Review

This is my first review of 2018 so excuse me if there are any errors. The album I am going to review today is one of my favourite albums of 2018 Mac Miller’s Swimming.

Firstly if you are looking for an album to turn up to then this is not it. This is a very personal album and it gives the listener a look into the mind of Mac Miller. As crazy or selfish as it may sound I love the heartbroken Mac Miller.

Swimming is 13 songs long as that is perfect in considering how much hiphop is available at the moment. What this means is that there is never a wasted moment in the album and this means the listener stays captivated through-out.

I played this album with a friend of mine and she kept saying how sad the album but it’s the opposite. Hiphop labels anything that is not turn up, sad! The beats are aid back but this is to be expected in a Mc Miller album. The lyrics hit hard and are very relative, which makes this album very easy to listen to and interpret.

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Personal Favourites

-come back to earth